Ron Carter Nonet at Birdland

I had the distinct pleasure of hearing the distinguished jazz bassist Ron Carter on piccolo bass last night at New York’s venerable Birdland jazz club in his twice-yearly appearance with his nonet. The dapper Mr. Carter, elegant in an immaculately tailored suit, cut an commanding figure as he led his gifted nine-member string ensemble of classically trained musicians, through an inspired set of his eclectic arrangements.

The Nonet’s 1989 recording (their first) Eight Plus, was reissued in 2003. An interview that year with provides an interesting primer on this legendary musician and the complexities of working and traveling with a nonet.

photo: Dino Perrucci

Though his prolific body of work may hint at his age, the septuagenarian appears to be at least 20 years younger. A guest of his longtime love, Quintell Williams, I was absolutely charmed by his gentlemanly manner. Ah yes, chivalry does live.

Ron and Quintell

photo: Brent Jenkins


2 Responses

  1. Wish I had been there! I can’t begin to tell you of the joy that Ron Carter has brought me, especially in is association with Miles Davis. Musician and human being par excellence.

  2. Jazz, Bass, two of my favourite, favourite words/sounds……..that must have been sheer pleasure and then to hear that the talented Mr Carter is a gentleman too.

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