50 Years of Alvin Ailey!

In an incredible coincidence, soon after reflecting on my late friend Adrienne’s golden handiwork for the esteemed Judith Jamison, I had the pleasure to work with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, styling a photo shoot in celebration of their Golden Anniversary (thanks to a referral from Lloyd Boston.)

Ms. Jamison, Artistic Director, along with Masazumi Chaya, Associate Artistic Director, masterfully helmed the shoot. Longtime AAADT photographer Andrew Eccles demonstrated his exquisite skill at capturing bodies in motion. And those bodies…the dancers are marvels of nature and testimony to the awesome potential of just what the human body can do. Their talent and prowess is inspiring.

Of the company’s 30 dancers, 12 were featured in the shoot: the 26-year Ailey veteran, Renee Robinson, Kirven Boyd, Clifton Brown, Courtney Brene Corbin, Antonio Douhit, Alicia J. Graf, Jamar Roberts, Matthew Rushing, Glenn Allen Sims, Linda Celeste Sims, Yusha-Marie Sorzano and Constance Stamatiou.

It was quite an honor to be chosen to help create the images that will herald fifty years of brilliant dance history. Check out all the exciting Anniversary activities at alvinailey.org


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