Happy Birthday, ‘Retta Mae

Though my private and very shy mother would not want her current image plastered on the internet, I don’t think she’ll mind a nostalgic glimpse at the young her, long before my sister and I were even a glint in my father’s eye.

I feel very fortunate to have been raised by this incredibly kind, creative and deceptively tough woman.  She provided a buffer from life’s harsher realities, allowing her girls to enjoy the wonder and enchantment of childhood.  She buoyed us through many a storm, including her own cancer scare when I was ten.  She maintained good humor throughout, quelling our fears.  Just prior to her admission into the hospital, a feline brawl necessitated stitches for our cat.  My mama sung/quipped, “we’ve a got an injured kitty and I’m gonna lose my titty.”  Gotta love her.

My foibles are my own, but everything that is good in me is because of her.


Eddie (R.I.P) and Loretta, my folks, in the early days of courtship.


4 Responses

  1. Thank you, Sharon, for reminding me yet again of what a treasure our mother really is. It was the line “She provided a buffer from life’s harsher realities” that sent me down a memory lane of my own. With all of the issues that we grew up with (and there were many), we did have a childhood full of wonder, imagination, learning and love. She never sought to stifle our creativity, rather she invited us into hers…who knew that everybody didn’t draw on their closet doors, paint aquariums on their bathroom walls and jungle scenes in their basements? We have so much to be grateful for in having been raised by her. Let’s plan a day soon where we step back through the wardrobe, and let her see from our perspective, the beauty and adventure that was a childhood forged by ‘Retta Mae.

  2. What a lovely tribute with such an economy of words.

  3. What a great photo – she sounds like a wonderful mother. I hope Leon will see me as well when he’s our age. And, she I can see your face in hers, which is very cool :]

  4. what a beautiful image. love black love!

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