Ooh Baby!

Though I obviously enjoy fashion, I’ve never been one to clamor for the season’s “It” anything. In fact, any item thusly ordained loses currency with a quickness. Nonetheless, I’d like to proffer an opinion on a great summer tote. I love a market bag and have gathered several humble varieties in my travels, from palmetto woven before my very eyes in Charleston to Blue Mountain burlap coffee sacks to Mexican poly mesh bolsas. My latest, from a recent Harlem sojourn, is the fun, functional and oh-so-funky baby-doll tote, $15, from the immensely talented Montgomery Harris, designer and proprietor of an eponymous Seventh Avenue (at 136th Street) boutique. From shopping to the beach, it’ll be on my arm all Summer long.

Though you can order online, if you’re ever in the neighborhood, do stop through, you’ll be delighted by the shop’s whimsy and great designs.

It’s incredibly sturdy, snaps shut and even has an inner pocket large enough for wallet, cell phone and keys.


One Response

  1. I love the Baby Doll Tote Bag! I ordered one already. I will be in grad. school this summer and intend to use the bag to tote my lightweight books and papers around the city of Boston. I look forward to adding a little more color to scene of Boston’s city streets.


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