The “First” of Many…

Should Shepard Fairey take issue with the alteration of his work, I’ll gladly replace it with his “Progress.”


6 Responses

  1. Nicely done Sharon! Will you come “update” my own limited edition poster? Of course it’s still in the packing tube because I just don’t know if there’s a frame good enough for it…


    Yes, I said it.

    As a Black woman living in America, for the first time in my life of 37 years, I can proudly and willingly call myself AN AMERICAN, not AFRICAN AMERICAN.


    I’m so proud today that I’m wearing my stylish Obama tee shirt to the office today to strut like a peacock.

  3. I just want to throw something out there, so bear with me please.

    Hilary Clinton has lost the Democratic Nomination to be the next POTUS. She did not, however, decide to admit defeat last night. She instead, decided to not decide.
    I’m sorry, what the hell is there for her not to decide? Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zip.

    In her narcissistic little mind (and yes, she is most definitely a narcissist: an inflamed sense of self-importance, the need for admiration and adulation, arrogance, entitlement… you get the picture) she thinks she’s not done yet. On the podium, she asked her supporters to email her comments; actually you don’t even need to write anything, there’s already a comment there for you! Do you know what happens when you send a comment? You are routed to a page to make a donation…. she’s still got that $20 million to think about and she has the nerve to say “I will be making no decisions tonight.” Um, how about you decide not to take anymore donations from your elderly, lower-income and under-educated supporters for the sole purpose of paying off your debt? I can guarantee they need that money more than you do.

    As beautiful as last night was, and yes, I shed some tears, it disturbed me deeply that Hilary could not and would not say “Congratulations to Senator Barack Obama for winning the DNC nomination.” She may not ever say it. And she doesn’t have to because everyone is afraid of her. How she managed to secure this much power, I have no idea, but it couldn’t have been good.

    On CNN last night, the talking heads kept saying “She needs time.” Hm, let’s think about this for a moment … time for what? Time to figure out what her next move will be? Maybe “suspend” her campaign and wait for an assassination? Maybe switch sides and run on the Republican ticket as McCain’s V.P.? Yes, let’s give her time and enable her some more.

    Obama needs to shut her campaign down once and for all so we can move on. I would like to see him shine in the brightness of all that hope and love and faith that people hold for him and this country… as hard as she might try, she can’t cut out the lights on this one.


    Adriane Missy Butler

  4. i know that’s right!

  5. If anyone cares to, go to Hillary’s website and read some of the venomous comments from the disaffected in the blog section. It’s quite hilarious reading.

  6. These are heady times for us. Nothing I can think of compares, and I’ve seen some stuff in my day… LOL

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