I first met Maiysha Simpson on the set of a Mode photo shoot. She was smart, beautiful and very, very sick. But she soldiered on, stuffy nose and tearing eyes aside, gave good face and counted the coins that would defray the cost of a Sarah Lawrence education. This was a few years ago. She still continues to work it–she’s graced a billboard or two–as she diligently pursues her real passion, music. Although she’s appeared on a couple of compilation discs and a single, Orbit, (which garnered early buzz from Newsweek) is on iTunes now, her debut disc, This Much Is True drops August 26th.

I’m glad to see that a song I’d liked from an early demo, Over My Head, made the cut for the new release. In its latest incarnation the song is even stronger, fuller than before and it has made today’s USA Today playlist (sandwiched between Aretha Franklin and Elvis Costello, no less.) Visit her MySpace page to hear it, Orbit and US of H.


7 Responses

  1. Sharon,
    I knew Mayisha pretty well back in the MODE days and wondered what she’s been up to. I am blown away by her talent and know this woman is going places.

  2. very… amazingly… dope… not cuz we are damn near family!


  3. […] featuring Lil’ Jackie to a special showcase back at Tillman’s featuring bright newcomer Maiysha. Like me, these people are music heads looking for their next fix so I thought it most fitting to […]

  4. NM,

    I got my Little Jackie and Maiysha fixes too, but in Brooklyn, those girls are making the rounds! Thanks for sharing the summer Hotness and thanks for the link.


  5. WOW!!! I am so proud of you. I can still picture you singing your heart out on the stage at EHS….your version of ‘yesterday’ is still the best I have heard. I have proudly shown your pictures to my daughter….showing her that if you believe in your dreams they will come true!

  6. Amazing!!

  7. Congradulations!!! You sound and look great, and your songs speak the truth. As a fellow EHS graduate, I’m proud to have seen your desire than, matriculate to the masterpiece of Miaysha now. Best Wishes

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