Big Loveliness

The Righteous One herself, Toshi Reagon took us to church on Grand Avenue last night. Backed by the marvelous Fred Cash on bass and the angelic vocals of Gina Breedlove, Toshi–in positively beautiful voice–performed a rousing, audience-participatory set in a moving send-off to her “absolute favorite place,” Grand 275. The mélange of her own songs, spirituals, Bob Marley, even Elvis brought the crowd to their feet, hands raised in high praise. The grateful audience squealed with delight when upon Liani Greaves’ urging, Toshi decided to extend the set after a quick ten-minute break.

“The Righteous Ones…”

Gina Breedlove and Fred Cash, Jr.

“By and by…”


2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much Sharon – you are just amazing. I love getting all this invaluable information from you! I love Toshi so this is just a gift.

    Hugs and have a very beautiful and amazing summer – –

  2. sharon,

    thanks for spreading the word about Toshi . . i grew up listening to her as our fathers’ were best friends and she is my god-sister. i love your new site and your philanthropic promotions.

    can you put me on your mailing list?


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