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I don’t have a blogroll.  My one-column blog format doesn’t allow much room for one.  I would, however, like to give a shout to a few folks I know who also find themselves in the addictive realm of the blogosphere.

Grrrl-about-town Nicole Moore has been kicking it in cyberspace for years.  The veteran blogger keeps her readership of smart, progressive urban grrrls informed and inspired with her savvy, of-the-moment observations in her clever, distinctive voice with theHotness Grrrl.

The always dapper Barney Bishop has an urbane, well-designed blog, Fragrant Moments, with his musings on men’s fragrance and interesting interviews with a diverse array of gentlemen who share a passion for it.

In addition to her post as Adjunct Lecturer at Hunter College, journalist, essayist and author of Crystelle Mourning, Eisa Ulen Richardson provides incisive social commentary and a forum for thoughtful and thought-provoking discussion at her website,

Ion, the blog from the design studio, Chemistry, offers the wit, design inspiration and the intriguing collections of principal Todd Wilson in a pristine, minimalist layout. He also shares treasures discovered in his obsessive web-trawling.

I met the multi-hyphenate Evolyn Brooks a few years back when she served as a senior producer and I as wardrobe supervisor on Telepictures’ Queen Latifah, but she has for years created lovely handcrafted soft goods which she now sells online at In My Solitude Boutique. Her blog, a natural companion site to the shop, is a testament to tapping into one’s inner fire–living, loving and creating with fearless abandon.

Rob Fields started Bold As Love, his ruminations on “the mainstreaming of Black rock and the evolution of the new Black imagination.” in February of last year. His passionate immersion into the culture yields timely posts on a genre which embraces elements from a vast musical spectrum, and shatters myths about the very nature of Black identity.

Install This, the visual diary of sculptor and educator, Alexandra Zealand, is the reportage of her work-in-progress and outreach to her distant critique community.  To view her beautiful completed works, also visit her website,

Alexandra Zealand’s  Untitled, 2006 (work-in-progress)

As Executive Editor of Real Simple, Corynne Corbett‘s name reads high on the masthead (and on her posts to their blog,) but her latest title, founder of That Black Girl Site is also one of which she is most proud.  An outgrowth of her personal blog, That Black Girl Blogging, the site is part social network, part blog community exchanging ideas on spirit, politics, lifestyle, health, finance, entertainment and culture.

Here, There and Yon, expands on designer Dorian Webb‘s “belief in enjoying all the random, little things that make life worth living, and prevent us from going insane (at least for now)”  like great food, wine and conversation as well as a humorous sense of the absurd.

In spite of her hectic schedule, Jacquette Timmons, CEO of Sterling Investment Management, financial coach and author of the forthcoming book, Financial Intimacy, still manages to find time to blog at Sterling Choices.

Talented writer (and fellow DC-native) Kenji Jasper is also a prolific blogger, first there is Live from the Grand Lodge: Meditations on Being Young, Gifted and Black on the Writing Rack; then The Cake Man, the online home of his alter-ego, D, author of the novels Got and Cake and finally, Culinary Intercourse, his pursuit of the gustatory godhead.

On Food Lovers Like Me, “self-taught, around-the-way gourmet” Vanessa Bush also shares her culinary quest as she endeavors to transform herself from a “foodie wannabe into a master chef.”  She brings the same spot-on clarity to her posts that she does in her other career as a writer/editor, prompting you to action, be it prepare that recipe, try that restaurant or take that class.

Once again I blog about artist-friend Xenobia Bailey who posts an online Artist’s Journal Her subhead says it all: “My inspirations, Memoirs, Images & Thoughts. Grammatical Disclaimer: This is a quick-fast, in-a-hurry, one-woman, artist-on-the-run journal, please forgive type-o’s, grammar/syntax, incomplete (printed) thoughts and my grocery list. Y’all know I mean to do good.”

Lost City Products awesome Chemistry-designed website features an incredible blog which with its lyrical writing evokes the eclectic beauty of the diverse influences on their collection of hand-embroidered textiles.

“The road to Urgup is pure rock and roll. A flag of Lost City silk flutters on a vagabond tree…”  Lost City


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  1. Superb! You’ve definitely contributed to the elevation of the blogosphere.

  2. Thanks so much for the shout-out, Sharon, as well as the apt description of the blog. It’s much appreciated.


  3. thanks for the love love, sister! 🙂

  4. Thanks for posting these. I’m spreading the word…


  6. Thank you for the shout out!!!!

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