Just Because…

I love me some Alice Smith.  Certainly because of her phenomenal voice but also because the DC native didn’t come to New York, get all new and try to lose the Capitol City twang which reminds that Washington is, in fact, below the Mason-Dixon line.  Had I been able to make last week’s BAM MetroTech appearance, I’m sure I’d be rhapsodizing about it now.

Check out a couple of versions of her Grammy-nominated “Dream.” Which do you prefer?

All glammed up for her appearance on Craig Ferguson’s show

Unpretentious and paired down for a radio spot


3 Responses

  1. BAM Show was cancelled to all of our dismay

  2. The weather was pretty bad that day. Was that why?

  3. Surprisingly (at least for me and my compadres) it was because of the weather. By 10 am it had stopped raining and it was nice the rest of the day.

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