Considered auspicious in many traditions, the number eight symbolizes luck, divinity and renewal.  So on this day I find myself thinking of the pending ’08 election and the real possibility of Senator Barack Obama becoming President Obama, heralding a fresh beginning for our country, and indeed the world.  The America reviled by many across the globe could be seen in a new, progressive light.

Yet, as evidenced by the arrest of Raymond Geisel for threatening the Democratic presidential candidate’s life, there are those whose intentions are to go beyond vitriolic spew and silence forever a voice of expansive worldview and the best of the American “Melting Pot” ideal.

I think of my candidate today and wish him “a hedge of protection,” “a surrounding of angels,” “white light.”  I hope others will join me in keeping a good thought for his safety, be it a prayer to the Creator, a vibration sent into the universe, or even crossing fingers and hoping for the best.

Laying on of hands. This widely forwarded photo says it all.


9 Responses

  1. I certainly will join in loving prayer for the divine safety of this spirit who has manifested in a masculine presence to the world as an vessel of transformation & understanding. He is poised to engage the world in a spritual cleansing of old and outdated policies and negative patterns of dialogue exchange with world leaders. His talk of changing the diplomacy of the USA is a great beginning less than a decade into a new and exciting 21st century. This is the dawning of the age of love and divine living. Let us all LIVE WELL! Let us all LOVE! Let us all be HEALTHY, WEALTHY and CREATIVELY expressive soul women and soul men, ALWAYS!

  2. love in action!
    sending prayers…

  3. Beautiful words, beautiful photograph, beautiful and real positive energy. Thank you for the opportunity to join you in this prayer. Surrounded by light, may he keep on going.

  4. All we can do is pray that he travels this journey safely. What a blessing it would be…

  5. what a lovely message. please include me in the prayer circle.



  6. Ashe!


  7. True dat!

  8. Yes beautiful thoughts. A beautiful friend sent this to me on my birthday ) 08-08-08 and I was moved. I had been sent this photo before and there is something quite powerful about it. There is something very spiritual in the air and I hope that we can keep a protective net around the man.

  9. A beautiful spirit is always protected.

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