pb & Caviar

Tucked away on Manhattan’s Thomas Street, in the shadow of the looming Art Deco edifice which once housed Western Union, an airy boutique has opened to cater to the beauty and sartorial needs of women and their small children.  Evin Cosby, the youngest daughter of Bill and Camille recently launched pb & Caviar just around the corner from the famed eatery, The Odeon and near her own Tribeca home.  The mother of two small children herself, the FIT graduate wanted to create a shopping environment in which kids are welcomed.

Evin Cosby in front of the Sam Simon mural in her new shop.

Readying the 1700 square-foot space for her August 7th opening was a year-long labor of love.  From building out the space to the adding the finishing touches like the whimsical custom-painted mural and three distinct chandeliers, each detail was overseen by Evin’s exacting eye. The pb & Caviar merch mix includes organic bath and beauty products; a carefully curated home decor collection; hip, clever kids clothing (and the New York exclusive on “Heelarious” baby heels) and for the moms (as well as their childless friends) wonderful frocks from the likes of Melissa Odabash, Ingwa Melero and the versatile Butter by Nadia.

Evin’s passion for fashion was ignited in childhood, by her decidedly glamorous babysitters, Diana Ross and Tina Turner, who would care for her in their nearby dressing rooms when her father, who’d brought her on summer tour, took the Las Vegas stage.  She was entranced by their beautiful dresses, alluring makeup and “intoxicating” perfume.   These loves have found a place for their expression at pb & Caviar.  88 Thomas Street between West Broadway and Hudson. 212.608.1112.

Pretty, sweet-smelling things for the home.

The children’s section features non-toxic, fair trade specialty toys from around the world, and a place for kids to sit, read and color.

The convertible satin wrap dress from Butter by Nadia can be worn limitless ways.


3 Responses

  1. with my stepgrandson planning a much
    awaited visit from Paris for school break. We will take a jaunt and visit this shop and see what goodies we find.

  2. Sounds like my kind of boutique! I’ll stop by next week!

  3. what is the price of the convertible satin wrap dress? How can I get one?

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