Summer @ SONYA

This Thursday, South of the Navy Yard Artists (SONYA), a non-profit collective of Brooklyn-based visual artists, opens their show Summer @ SONYA. Curated by artist Kennis Baptiste, the exhibition includes more than twenty-eight works created this year and/or inspired by the summer of 2008 in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and photography by seventeen emerging and established artists who are current members of SONYA. Artists featured include Pamella Allen, C.Bangs, Kennis Baptiste, Ramona Cnady, Cochrane, Francks F. Deceus, Angela Earley, D. Lammie Hanson, Natasha Harsh, Kathleen Hayek, Nikita Hunter, Musa, Douglas Newtown, Sally Mara Sturman, Lawrence Terry and Iram Yeates.

The opening reception on August 21 is from 6:30-9:00pm at  Sonya Center (South of the Navy Yard Artists) 394 Waverly Avenue between Greene and Gates Avenues in Brooklyn.  I am honored to own First Born, an early work of the Haitian-born artist (and friend), Francks Francois Deceus and am proud to have witnessed his artistic development over the years, so it is his new work that I most look forward to seeing.

A detail from Francks Deceus’ series Pilgrimage from Scattered Points. Photo, loisinwonderland. This particular work is part of another group exhibition,  “Ancient Futures: The DNA of Culture & Civilization”, up at MoCADA until September 7th.

Artist Statement:

Pilgrimage from Scattered Points

I have always been interested in events and issues that affect large groups of people simultaneously. The question at the root of the statement is what does it take to change a collective mentality? I deliberately take away the individuality of the characters in this series in order to challenge the collective mindset. We live in a society where individualism is championed; I often wonder if there were no way to differentiate one person from the other, how would we define ourselves, if we were all the same?


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