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Introduced by her proud brother, Craig Robinson and watched from the crowd by her even prouder mother, Marion Robinson, our presumptive First Lady Michelle Obama assumed the stage at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in grounded elegance. Appearing nervous at first, she soon hit her stride and delivered a speech that was spot-on, reaffirming what we supporters already knew and introducing to both the naysayer and the undecided a poised, committed woman embodying the virtues and values that this country has always (though often hypocritically) prided itself on.

There will be those haters who say that it was carefully scripted and oft-rehearsed and I’m sure it was, but what major political speech isn’t? There is the venomous “Botox” comment to the Wired blog post (check the same page for interesting commentary from Anice Ladi) on the subject that shows that commentator’s inability to find real flaw in her delivery or the speech itself.  There will be those who were irritated rather than charmed by those two pretty little brown girls, giddy and unsure of what to do, sending love to their Daddy. There will be every petty reason to find fault.  Hopefully however, most Americans will connect with the fundamental truths of her unifying speech. Hopefully most Americans will find themselves brimming with pride at this powerful moment in US history and heading in record numbers to the polls this November to vote accordingly.  I know that I am and will.

Click here for the full text of Michelle Obama’s DNC speech


5 Responses

  1. Well said–it was a proud moment!

  2. Beautifully written Sharon. I found comfort in her mothers narration and right away connected with their working class values and how close they were as a family. Yes it was scripted, most likely by some of the best in the image business but SO WHAT. Our current President is a “regular guy” and look where that has gotten us…

  3. I cried last night. She was marvelous!

  4. …Though scripted, watching her poise, grace, beauty, intelligence and power was totally inspiring. She tugged on my heartstrings… I was undoubtedly proud. I feel fortunate to experience this historic time.

  5. Thank you all for your responses. Do check Eisa Ulen’s blog for her commentary as well as guest blog posts.

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