Second Sunday in September

The annual Brooklyn Book Festival takes place tomorrow at Brooklyn Borough Hall and Plaza. The free day-long literary event encompasses themed readings and panel discussions with a diverse group of literary giants and emerging authors alike. Among the many choice offerings, I will definitely check out the brilliant Paul Beatty who reads from his novel, Slumberland at 2pm and the 4pm discussion between author/activists Kevin Powell (good run, Kevin) and Naomi Wolf.  Then I’ll make my way in (to Manhattan) and up (to Morningside Park) for the backside of DJ Stormin’s Sundae Sermon, for some musical anointing from Pete Rock and DJ Beverly Bond.

Naomi Wolf and Kevin Powell


4 Responses

  1. Once again sharon, Youre up in it like Bennit, timely and up to date, when do you sleep?

  2. Despite the obsessive blogging, Jimmy, I do find time to sleep. Actually, I excel at sleeping. ;-D

  3. […] someone agrees with me on one of the sessions. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Just […]

  4. Hey –

    I didn’t even know about the Morningside Park happening even though it’s right in my backyard. I may have to swing by to share in the anointing. Thanks.

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