Voting is Sexy


photo: Frederick V. Nielsen model: Lafiya Watson


3 Responses

  1. nice…

  2. Very sexy!!

  3. Ohhh my goddess, I am thrilled beyond words as I view the beautiful artistic concepts that have emanated from the soulseat of our beings, as we all wait while our collective hearts pound to a Kenyan beat – -witnessing what our ancestors fought, died and went to their graves KNOWING would one day manifest. Massive love to THE ARTIST all of us. I think this photo should be placed in the BLACKSONIAN museum. . . I think it’s located in the republic of BROOKLYN! What an ingenious photo shot FREDERICK. Keep shootin’ darling ’cause the world’s a better place with your eye behind the lens. Hey there Ms. P., I always look forward to experiencing your fabulous work with Pendulum. Happy “O” day.

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