Yes We Did!

I am elated, exhausted and moved beyond measure. I joined the respectfully raucous revelry of the jubilant throngs on the streets of Fort Greene, Brooklyn last night sharing hugs, fist pounds, copious tears and wider smiles.  Eisa Ulen wrote beautifully of the experience on her blog.

On Ion, the blog of the design studio Chemistry, Todd Wilson considers the significance of the number forty-four.

On The Root, Alice Walker proffers an open letter to “Brother Obama.”

The news has been texted, Twittered, Facebooked, MySpaced, Flickr’d, Wiki’d, you name it.  It is indeed a new day and with it new technology has changed the ways in which we communicate our joy.  Fifteen-year-old Jahi Nielsen accompanied his father to the polls and watched him pull the large red lever as he cast his vote for Barack Obama. Hours later after our President-Elect’s victory speech, Jahi performed an impromptu bass rendition of the Star Spangled Banner and posted it to You Tube.

Yes, yes y’all. We can and we did.



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