Brooklyn Moment #6: Victory!


Photo:  Harry J. Bizzarro

I communed with some of the dearest people in my life at the home of my favorite stylist (besides well, moi) Rick Ramsey in Bed-Stuy on election night.  We ate Ricky’s delicious smoked turkey and corn chowder and awaited the returns.  Our intimate gathering erupted in high-decibel shouts and abundantly flowing tears, especially from me, when the decision was called.

Soon after, a few of us made our way down to Fort Greene, where the party was in full effect on Lafayette & South Portland and on DeKalb between Carlton and Adelphi.  Unmitigated joy!


2 Responses

  1. honestly sharon-i so love reading pendulum swing. i get you.
    word is brooklyn is now called baracklyn. i was at st philips parish hall for the election nite event-it was such a very awesome moment, the announcement was like nothing i’ve ever experienced before-better than everyones memory of their 1st concert. z

  2. Baracklyn! Love it.

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