Talkin’ Shop: Abby Z.

In an airy, cavernous space on Greene Street in Soho, Abby Zeichner has set up shop with her eponymous Abby Z. line celebrating curvy girls. Warmth abounds here as Abby has pulled together a team as enthusiastic as she is about serving the needs of the stylish woman who happens to wear a size 12 or larger. The energy in the store is spirited and affirming, from the the sexy lingerie to the art displayed. Aissata Pinto da Costa’s images of empowered women currently grace the walls.

Tonight, from 6:00 – 8:00pm, ORIGINS joins Abby Z. in welcoming you to a night of pampering with “Mini-Facials” and “Peace of Mind” hand and arm massages.  As a bonus to start the holiday off right, Abby’s offering a 30% discount on all purchases. Just RSVP to

Additionally, the enterprising Ms. Z. has recently opened an outpost at Roosevelt Field Mall for all the lush ladies of Long Island.


“Curvy Women,” by Aissata Pinto Da Costa


5 Responses

  1. how lovely! we need more of this.

  2. As the manager of the Soho boutique I can attest to Sharon’s summary of our home away from home. We can’t wait to see you all tonight.

  3. love “Curvy Women” by Aissata Pinto Da Costa!!!

  4. Faaaaabulous!

  5. This is a wonderful assessment of our store! Thanks Sharon, and I look forward to meeting everyone tonight! 🙂

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