Odetta Love

I was watching the news with a buddy last night when I received word of the passing of the singularly named Odetta.  My bright, informed friend had no idea who she was and I was stunned.  I want to do my part in getting the word out about this progressive, conscious voice of light and was planning to do a blog post when I received a note from my friend Toshi.

Word from guest blogger Toshi Reagon:

Dear Friends,

One of our great teachers Odetta passed away this past Tuesday. I had the great honor and gift of knowing her and getting to work with her many times over the years. The last concert I did with her was this past April in Beacon. My Godmother Toshi asked me to do a benefit that would feature Odetta, Pete Seeger, BIGLovely and a bunch of other great singers for Clearwater. It was an amazing night. Odetta was particularly strong that night. If you go to www.toshireagon.com you can link to excerpts of a conversation between us after that show. My favorite part is at the end where she describes how she is still singing. I will really miss her.


Photo still from  J.Bob Alotta’s Odetta Speaks with Toshi

The New York Times ran an obituary, complete with video, on Wednesday, December 3.  And YouTube features several clips of the great Odetta performing.


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  1. I had the honor of seeing Odetta perform live only once when she opened for Madeline Peyroux at City Center. She was so majestic and it was ironic that she was thanking Madeline for thinking of her as an opening act. Madeline is no slouch and she quickly stepped up to let Odetta know that she was the one that who was honored to share the stage with Odetta…

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