Talkin’ Shop: Trudy Miller Layers

Self-described Solutionista, Trudy Miller refuses to be pigeon-holed into choosing a single medium to express her theories on creative problem solving. Though she’s lectured widely in the disciplines of Architecture and Interiors (at the Parsons Schools of Constructed Environments and Design Strategies as well as the California College of the Arts, Department of Architecture) she’s expanded her reach into fashion with multi-purpose pieces which streamline the very act of dressing. By “designing flexible apparel, furniture, and interiors that solve the ultimate puzzle: how to do more with less,” she embraces a utilitarian, conservationist chic.

Her Brooklyn shop, Trudy Miller Layers, brings her design theories into practicable view with her easy-care, easy-to-wear clothing “systems” and mobile, multi- functional furniture. By paring down what we consume, she believes, we create more time to enjoy our lives and the earth we protect by reducing waste.

This Wednesday, from 7-9pm, the shop presents Form Follows Idea: Anticipating Change:

With rising environmental concerns and steadily decreasing natural resources, it is becoming more apparent that technology alone will not be able to solve our most pressing problems, and that there are some fundamental adjustments that will have to be made to our social and cultural practices. Many designers are electing to use the current challenges we are facing as a means of moving us forward, by designing hybrid products with a mindful eye on the future. The January exhibit will feature the work of two such designers: Andre Dettler and Trudy Miller.



Photos courtesy of Trudy Miller.

Trudy Miller Layers

394 Atlantic Avenue at Bond

Brooklyn, New York



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  1. Such a great writer you are Sharon. This sounds like a promising collection. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Such a great story. Thank you for keeping us informed!!

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