Ron Carter: Finding the Right Notes

Ron Carter, consummate musician and gentleman shares his remarkable journey into the pantheon of jazz greats in the just released Ron Carter: Finding the Right Notes, penned by veteran jazz journalist Dan Ouellette. Much like the bassist’s own propensity for moving the genre forward, this project takes the very tradition of biography forward with its multi-platform approach to storytelling. Though the book can be purchased online, the experience doesn’t end with the written word. Publisher ArtistShare incorporates new media elements such as podcasts, streaming video and audio clips, as well as exclusive photo galleries on the project websites.

I’ll definitely have a read before I enjoy Mr. Carter’s virtuosity in an evening at Smoke where he performs with pianist Mike Le Donne and drummer Joe Farnsworth next month in a three-night engagement.


Cover photo by Carol Friedman.

Available online for $24.95 at:


3 Responses

  1. thank you Sharon,

    your blog is truly something i look forward to getting.

    as ever
    Montgomery X

  2. Love your way with words.

  3. […] Source:, also […]

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