Ain’t Mad at the Hatter

When on Inauguration Day Aretha Franklin assumed the podium to grace the proceedings with her gospel-tinged “My Country ‘Tis of Thee,” in Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes—her coat respectable, her matching hat a spectacle—I said, “Go ‘head Ree, bring it.” Bring them, bring the Sisters in their Sunday best, their crowns their glory, their service, legend. She didn’t simply take us to church, but rather brought the Black church to the Capitol stairs, as much with her raiment as with her awesome voice.

Days later I spied the current issue of V Magazine, Grace Jones fiercely peering out, a slender-swath of shimmery gold at her brow in beautifully stark contrast with her deep brown skin. Atop her head was a blinged-out derby from master milliner, Philip Treacy. She looked incredible. Whether it’s a gele, a trilby, a snap cap or even a wig, no one rocks the headgear quite like a sister.


V Magazine cover photo: Jean-Paul Goude. 

On this side of the pond, Albertus Q. Swanepoel, Anthony Maxwell, Eugenia Kim, Jacqueline Lamont and Rod Keenan are just a handful of accomplished designers making head way in millinery.


4 Responses

  1. Very HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……….

  2. Sharon,
    You forgot to mention LOLA hats. She definitely deserves a mention.

    • You are right, Berton, I had planned to mention Lola. Thanks for the reminder.
      Lola Ehrlich has had a thriving millinery business–deservedly so–for many years now.

  3. Lola has always been amazing. Please also see Muhlbauer,

    This line from Vienna, was here a few years ago when we introduced them to the States. Lenny Kravitz, Robert Verdi and Lydia Hearst have them and I am lucky to own them as well. I wish they would come back to the States! Jade

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