Talkin’ Shop:

In all the years I’ve known her, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen Denise Kerr when she was not fully ensconced in some artistic endeavor.  A compulsive creator, her nimble fingers are constantly engaged in the making of something be it a lovingly pieced quilt, hand-knit kimono, fabulous leather handbag or beautiful hand crafted jewelry.  A consummate observer and connoisseur of great form, her eye fixes on an object of interest and the decoding begins–the how of its creation.  A perpetual student, she learns technique.

Her paisley-esque ink “doodles,” reminiscent of henna tattoo patterns (which she has also mastered) have given rise to her collection of “coin” pendants, Strength, Courage and Wisdom which are now available online at her new Etsy boutique. Though pendulum typically highlights a bricks-and-mortar shop in the Talkin’ Shop feature, I wanted to spread the word to those like me who miss her presence on the scene since she closed her Park Slope emporium, Beryl, nearly two years ago.

True to the handcrafted ethic of Etsy, features artisanal jewelry  inspired by simple organic forms and crafted, carved or etched in Denise’s favorite rose gold (though also available in yellow, white or green gold.)  Her pieces are at their essence, spiritual in nature.  The powerful yet unobtrusive adornments, especially her pendants, are imbued with a talismanic quality that make them become never-take-them-off signature pieces.

Ink “doodle” courtesy of Denise Kerr.


Strength, Courage and Wisdom pendants,


6 Responses

  1. yayyyyyyyyyy denise!! i love her treasures:-)

  2. OMG, Sharon you are the best!
    This is so amazing, thanks and much love to you.

  3. Wow–lovely…

  4. Denise was here this week at Khamit Kinks with one of lovely pieces on and they’re really great in person!

  5. Will check her out. What a beautiful piece.

  6. I’m excited to check out her website.

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