Talkin’ Shop: Cozbi

Upon meeting the alliteratively named Cozbi Cabrera, one is struck by the serenity of her face and the luminous glow of a woman at peace. In a glorious example of following one’s bliss, she left a successful career as an art director at Sony Music twelve years ago to “discover, create and share pockets of grace and beauty.” With her exquisite Muñecas (“dolls” en Español, a nod to her Honduran heritage) she did just that. Crafted by hand with love and exacting attention to detail, las muñecas are born of the magical union of vintage textiles, paint, and hand dyes with the gift of the stitch in hand rolled hems, delicate embroidery and intricate beadwork. So beautifully attired are the dolls that collectors began to ask Cozbi to create clothing for humans.

Thank goodness she consented. Constructed with the same care and couturier details seen in the dolls, the Cozbi line for women features simple, elegant silhouettes evocative of a bygone era yet perfectly suited for our times. Natural fibers abound: crisp cottons, sumptuous silks and transitional weight wools with lovely touches like contrast stitching and pintucking.

In kindergarten, when her peers were likely producing stick figures, Cozbi’s teacher lauded the young artist for the fully articulated faces in her drawings. The creative impulse runs deep within her and has found its outlet variously through music packaging, drawing, painting and sewing.

In 2004, Cozbi opened the doors to a delightful space in which to create as well as sell the fruits of her myriad labors. Whimsical pillows share space with quilts and charming baby bibs; honey-sweet togs for tykes hang near the frocks and accessories for women and at the antique wrap desk, beneath the large alphabet quilt–quite apropos–are the many books illustrated by Cozbi. The shop itself is an oneiric patchwork of this artist’s many gifts, a treasure trove of handmade goodness in Carroll Gardens.

Do stop by this weekend (March 21-22, 11am – 7pm) to meet the gentle-spirited Cozbi and discover her many talents at her Spring Sale Event. Mention pendulum and/or bring a friend to receive 20% off your purchase.
The radiant Cozbi A. Cabrera.


Some of the books she’s illustrated.

Muñecas dulces…


And their meticulous embellishments.


Gossamer fabrics and delicate pleating.
Feminine, pretty and thoroughly modern: a highlight from the Spring collection.

530 Court Street
(between Huntington and W. 9th Streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11231


5 Responses

  1. Sharon, I love your writing style. I want to meet this lady just because of your words…

  2. Very, very groovy gal and dolls. As always loving that little magic you are and have, Sharon.

  3. She is so shiningly beautiful. Her work is beautiful and creative and inspiring to all of us who want to make a living from our hands…

  4. I just bought my first Cozbi creation, and it fits beautifully…only a spirit as generous and thoughtful as Cozbi’s could produce such beautiful, functional works of art.

  5. Sorry I missed this work of art and artist. Please lets us know when and where she will appear again. I am a art/antique collector and natural hair care boutiques owner. What I see is magnificent!

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