Lloyd Boston, Case Clothed

When style expert, author and friend Lloyd Boston approached me to join the dedicated team which would ultimately produce his new makeover show for the Fine Living Network (FLN), I jumped at the chance to work with him again.

Lloyd’s style philosophy is one that is within reach and that accessibility has garnered him a loyal following as the Jones New York “Style Guy” at fashion clinics nationwide. His books have brought the basics of style into clear, user-friendly focus for both men and women and now his show, Closet Cases, which debuted last week, takes a similarly co-ed approach, putting him out there as a “BFF, best friend in fashion” at the ready to solve sartorial conundrums. By encouraging makeover participants to edit their own wardrobes to uncover hidden gems as well as retire those items no longer serviceable, Lloyd helps each make the most of what they’ve already got. A shopping excursion introduces the participant to a local boutique to pick up a few supplementary pieces and gives the show’s closet-designing dynamo, Carey Evans, time to reconfigure the person’s existing closet into an organized, highly functional yet visually pleasing dream.

Though the show is infused with humor, Lloyd’s quick wit never panders to mean-spirited snarkiness, which seems to have become part of the makeover canon. Refreshingly, it is a program done with levity, good heart and realistic, useful and sustainable results. It has been rewarding to hear from participants, singing the praises of Lloyd and the show and sharing the positive impact the makeover experience has had on their lives.

Closet Cases airs Monday nights at 10pm. Check the FLN website for the channel in your area. Tonight’s episode, Let Go My Logo features Clive, who needed to up the style ante to meet his aspirational zeal.


Lloyd Boston. Photo by Jack Parker for FLN.


3 Responses

  1. Damn, I love your writing Sharon. Teach me to write like you 🙂 Lloyd’s great. I hope the show does well.

  2. Congratulation on a great hook up! I hope this materializes into a spin off show for you as well! Great styling meets great style…

  3. Congratulations! That sounds like it’s going to be excellent. Just out of curiosity how do they pick the makeover candidates? My closet could use a little ante upping…

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