Brooklyn Moment #9: The Riches

My schedule has become increasingly hectic and I’ve posted to pendulum with neither the recency nor frequency that I typically enjoy. It has been a month since I last blogged and two since I posted about one of my beloved Brooklyn moments. I had one such moment last night that compels me to take a sec and share it.

I’d originally planned to have a Brooklyn encounter of a different kind, the Purple Rain sing-a-long in Prospect Park, when womanhood warranted close proximity to a clean lavatory and a hot water bottle. I was headed home.

Perhaps it was the nearby waterfront, but last night’s full moon and the tides beckoned my Piscean soul to Dumbo where I decided to alight just long enough to show some love to friends, the two Richards, Gary and Maitland, photographers showing in the First Thursday Gallery Walk. My plan to hit it and quit it was derailed by the familial feeling of sun people warmth. The pain subsided. All was at ease.

I was struck by the loveliness of the men I encountered, and though they are all easy on the eye, what truly moved me was the beauty of their goodness, their progressiveness, their joy in celebrating each other; black and brown creatives doing the thing: Niya Bascom, Barney Bishop, Malik Cumbo, Francks Francois Décéus, Ebon Heath, Rich Gary, Rich Maitland, Phil Shung, Leo Vasquez and Todd Wilson. Though I’ve known most of them individually for quite a long time, there was something infinitely beautiful, magical about seeing them all, en masse and in their element.

So Messrs Gary and Maitland, thank you for bringing the richness on a warm Summer night.


Photographers Richard Maitland and Richard Gary


10 Responses

  1. Easy on the eye and a treat!

  2. You in a room full of Black and Brown creative men? Yeah, I bet the pain subsided!;)


  3. Ha! Nicole, you are funny.

  4. 🙂

  5. I agree with Nicole!
    Ain’t nothin’ like a creative and conscious, dark hershey, brownie-brown, caramel or pecan brotha’, to ease
    those she pains… whewww!
    I’ve had my 09′ summer dose, and still want more.

    Welcome back Sharon, to what you do superbly;
    always with a touch of black woman love.
    I hope your having a fabulous summer.

  6. ooo ! i know most of those lovely men and yes – creative giants and gorgeously good people they are. so nice in this sometimes rough city, huh?

    i would love to check the show is it all in one gallery?!

    nice post DC 🙂


  7. Thank you for sharing – sounds like a magnetic and magical evening!

  8. You so fly Sharon. The word play is so dope. I’m so glad you made it out to Dumbo 🙂

  9. I think I need to move to Brooklyn.
    I’m all in for lifting up our men and all that they bring.

  10. Sharon thanks for making the evening fun – great folks, great vibe, great meeting you!

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