Renewal Amid the Rubble

By now we’ve all heard about the fire that destroyed the art-filled manse of DC arts patron Peggy Cooper Cafritz, a home that was a living testament to her commitment to the arts of the African diaspora.  As a founder of Washington’s Duke Ellington School of the Arts, she has affirmed the gifts of countless artists, many near and dear to me. My heart goes out to her on her tremendous loss, yet I know she will channel her positive Aries fire energy to moving on and starting anew “God willing and the economy willing” at rebuilding her collection.

I’m glad to know that the August issue of O Magazine features an article on Ms. Cooper Cafritz and her home, so there is very recent photographic documentation of her magical space. And the Washington Post piece, Bonfire of the Humanities features a slide show of some of the works in her eclectic collection.


A surviving sculpture, head bowed, seems to contemplate the devastation.

Photo: Bill O’Leary, Washington Post


2 Responses

  1. yeah this was painful for her, us, the art world. really a lot of loss.

  2. how horrific-i definitely admired her patronage after reading her story in Omag. recovery will hopefully be better and greater.

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