Hot Off the Press

With only 2 weeks left to savor the vestiges of summer, I realize, much to my chagrin that I haven’t gotten in a single day of sand and surf nor its requisite beach read.

Should Helios provide the rays, fellow DC-to-Brooklyn transplant Valerie Joyner can provide the salacious romp in her debut novel, Hollyhood. With several years of production experience in Hollywood under her belt (In Living Color, The Wayans Bros.,The Jamie Foxx Show,) Valerie has insider knowledge to bring authenticity to the lives of her characters who try to make a way in La-La Land.

To keep the sizzle of summer going through brisk Fall and Winter’s chill, check The Sound of Silk at Midnight, author/editor SékouWrites‘ latest addition to the erotica canon. At his recent Harlem book launch, Sékou teased with a brief performance, just enough to whet the appetites of the crowd, and sold every copy of the collection of subtly sensual short stories. The self-published title is available, however, online.

Congrats to my friends on the publication of their books.



The authors and their titles.

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  1. Aww, thanks so much! 🙂

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