On this triple-nine day when one of my oldest friends, Carla celebrates her birth, I remember reading a rudimentary astrology book as a kid and surmising that we “shouldn’t get along” because we are positioned in direct opposition (I’m Pisces) on the zodiac wheel. In the years since I’ve come to believe that Virgo women (no disrespect to the Virgo brethren) are some of the coolest people on the planet. Earthy and exacting in ways that sometimes surprise, their storied perfectionism manifests differently than the persnickety quality of Virgo legend. Though they can hang with the fellas, they are girls’ girls, loyal to the end to their sisterfriends. Barb, Carla, Carmen, Djassi, Fran, Julia, Kristen, Leslie, Lisa, Quintell, Robin, Toni, Trae; even the best dog whoever lived, Mocha Pendana, were all born under the sign of the virgin. They are, so many of them, simply fly.

Happy birth season, Virgo, shine.


6 Responses

  1. Thanks for the love!!!………….
    Miss your smile.

  2. MASSIVE LOVE goes to SHARON, her words, her thoughts,
    her style, and her life. . .

    Keep writing WOMAN, because it makes a difference
    in MY LIFE…

    HUGS TO SHARON. . . from your VIRGO friend!


  3. THANK YOU sharon for your continued inspiration, words and friendship. miss you & a presto! much LOVE & baci

  4. THANX!!!
    Sharon this is so encouraging. Thanks for your LOVE and friendship!!!
    I miss you !

  5. Thanks for remembering me. We’ve come a long way since Keene Elementary in DC, haven’t we? Today, on 9/11, I’m remembering Keene in another way. RIP, Sarah Clarke, a stylish teacher who always challenged her students to think beyond environment and circumstance…

    • Indeed. Bless her soul.

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