Pray Him Up


This evening, whilst the fashion world begins its semi-annual, champagne swilling parade of what’s next, one of the dearest people in my universe will board the first leg of his journey to Afghanistan where he’ll begin a yearlong deployment as a broadcast journalist for the US Army. A fount of creativity, Specialist Gabriel A. Tolliver, will provide support for media operations from the base at Kandahar. His filmmaking background, progressive thinking and Cancerian sensitivity will serve him as he dispatches stories from the front.

The question of whether he was “in his right mind” when he chose to serve is, I suppose, easily answered yes as my favorite Southpaw (after my Pops) by nature operates in his right brain. My opposite handedness with its inclination toward linear processing makes it difficult for me to wrap my brain around this choice, but his mama, a woman of faith, a woman who perhaps trusts in the “big picture” thinking of her left-handed youngest child says, “Sonny, something good will be coming from this.”

I ask that you keep a good thought, light a candle, pray to the God of your understanding that he be shielded mind, body and soul from harm and returned to the land of his birth to tell the tale and share the truth.


ACU (Army Combat Uniform) Universal Camouflage Pattern marks Gabe’s government-issued Bible.


10 Responses

  1. Keeping you in love and light Gabe. I await your dispatches and look forward to your safe return.

  2. Good luck, Gabe. Tell the stories that should be told even if they aren’t the ones you’re supposed to.

  3. yes, beautiful friend, I will cover your brother in the word..
    grace to you too–

  4. Gabe,
    My Love…May the spirit and Light of the higher power so guide you, protect you and shine the brightest light possible on your being…

    You are SO Loved…but ya know that!

  5. Hey babe…

    You know how I feel & how we vibe. Be in touch. xo j.

  6. these are great sentiments about and to brother gabe!! may his travels enrich him and us and i pray for his safe return!!!

  7. Hi Gabe,

    Thank you for your service, and for being a truth-teller in a place that desperately needs it. You will be in my prayers from now until your safe return.

    God bless and keep you,
    Shelley (Sharon’s sis)

  8. Gabe:

    We’ll be keeping you in our hearts and looking forward to sharing your stories. Stay safe.


  9. thank you for this post, sharon. you’ve created community for our brother. when gabe told me he was going to afghanistan, i was surprised that he enlisted; however, i think he has a family legacy of service in our nation’s military…. he has our support and prayers to surround him with light. i know we will all benefit from his presence overseas, as gabe will bring great talent to the media wing of our military. my personal prayer is that he documents troop withdrawal and the end of the conflict very soon. love.

  10. will wrap him up in rainbows, light & prayer… love to you.

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