Bronx-Bred Princess Discovers Royal Roots

I’d hoped to see the film, Bronx Princess, when it screened at MoCADA’s KIDflix Film Festival last month, but time didn’t permit. I am glad to know that it is being presented through the documentary series, POV tomorrow night, September 22 at 10pm on PBS and will air in its entirety for 30 days. The hour-long, coming-of-age tale chronicles feisty 17-year-old Rocky Otoo’s journey toward reconciliation of her dual legacies: college-bound Bronx teen diva and newly ascended Ghanaian royalty.


Rocky Otto, 17, stands next to her father, Nii Adjedu, the chief of the Nii Okaiman traditional area, ath the family’s palace near Accra, Ghana. Photo: Yoni Brook/Highbridge Pictures

Click here to view the trailer.


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  1. Oh thank you! Thanks so much for sharing this, I’m going to watch with my daughter.

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