Talkin’ Shop: Apartment 48

Fifteen years ago, an unassuming young man of good taste transformed a former beauty salon — a long, narrow underground lair–into distinct rooms to display home furnishings befitting each.  The vintage crib in the nursery held colorful, charming goodies for kids; a claw-foot tub housed a myriad of bath accessories; the inviting dining table was bedecked with swoon-worthy dinnerware, you get the picture.  The young man was Rayman Boozer, the space he dubbed the eponym Apartment 48 for its then-address at 48 W. 17th Street.

I shopped there frequently for my home, for gifts, as well as to score interesting props for photo shoots. It truly became a go-to shop and I’d look forward to seeing what vignettes Rayman would create next as he changed the decor of each room as new merchandise inspired him. Shopping in a subterranean space was never a deterrent for me, but Rayman longed for light and more square footage for his growing business, which includes interior design services.  When his lease was up, he closed up shop and warehoused his merchandise until he found the right space, which, as luck would have it, was just down the block from the original boutique.  He wished, “let there be light,” et voilà, a vast windowed storefront became available.

The capacious showroom at 12 W. 17th still stocks accoutrement for the well-appointed home, though it is now in a light airy setting that encourages lingering and a chance to see just what everyone from Met Home to Elle Decor has been buzzing about.


Proprietor and Interior Designer, Rayman Boozer surrounded by some his current favorites in stock: clockwise from left, Ikat napkins, $12 each; Gold-leaf branches & birds bowl, $98; various wallpapers, price on request; Japanese ceramic cups, $14 each; cast resin mounted antlers, $38-$75 depending on size.


The prized windowed facade.pendulumPicks

I’m a fiend for color so right now I’m loving the whimsy of the striped crochet bunny, $24 and the ingenious design of this nesting set, $59. A perfect solution for space-strapped kitchens, this rainbow stack nestles measuring cups into a small mixing bowl, a colander, a strainer and the anchoring large mixing bowl.

Apartment 48

12 W. 17th Street

New York City



4 Responses

  1. I am in love with the rainbow stack. It would go perfect in my new kitchen!! I will give him a call to see if he ships.

    Mahalo, Eddy

  2. love it! love it!

  3. I love to shop for myself and for others. Thanks so much with the headup I will
    go by for gifts with xmas and Thanksgiving in mind.

  4. I remember years ago stumbling onto the shop. It is just fabulous. I wonder what his home looks like. Nice post Sharon.

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