Talkin’ Shop: Elma Blint

I ran into jewelry designer Elma Blint at the vendors market at Madison Square Park a few days ago and we spoke of the relative merits of the the nearby Shake Shack (the burgers, she proclaimed, “excellent”) She then delightedly shared the news that her 6-foot-2 thirteen year-old son, is one of the top three students in New York State.  It made me smile, because it is, of course impressive and her pride infectious, but also it reminded me of the passage of time.  I first met a very pregnant Elma when I happened across her chic, Upper West Side jewelry boutique, Amle Arte when I was on the prowl for an Essence shoot.  We discovered that we knew a few people in common, that we were Brooklyn neighbors and we vowed to stay in touch. I remember her boundless energy during the last days of pregnancy as she nurtured the nascent shop as well as the boy within, Tyler.

Elma eventually moved her business to the then-burgeoning, acronymic shopping district, NoLita and focused on developing her Elma Blint line of jewelry. She has since brought another son, Kyle, into the world and moved her base of operations to Fort Greene, where she also participates in the much ballyhooed weekend market, Brooklyn Flea.

Most offerings are available in both 14k gold as well as budget-friendly sterling silver.  She’s discovered that many of her customers, have, as does she, a small wrist.  Her specialty bangles are engineered to accommodate the diminutive size even when one’s hands are large.  Her “ID” bracelets can be customized (GQ mag snapped some up) and her bar ring gives the illusion of a multiple ring without forcing the fingers into confinement.  Her streamlined designs make for the perfect modern touch to any look.


The beautiful designer at her seasonal market stall at Madison Square Park.



Some of Elma’s favorites from the current collection include the perfect-fit organic bangles, bar ring and her nod to our home borough, Brooklyn.


2 Responses

  1. Stunning!

  2. Hi elma this patrick your best friend from old school days at port maria I’m so proud of you I’m in london and you won’t belieVe me but I dreamt that we were back at school sitting exams and I woke up put your name in the computer and there you were its crazy there you are onsite good luck elma how is cola yul ms marva I’ve seen and spiky my god it takes me back to the old days bye patrick. In london

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