The Gentry Lands in Brooklyn

Years ago before marriage added motherhood and the Adams to her name, I met Nichole R. Thompson Adams on an indie film project.  In recent years I’ve come to live in the same nabe as the Clinton Hill homeowner/real estate broker/performer.  Just the other day as she walked her palm-sized pup we bumped into one another and spoke about neighborhood changes.  With a characteristically beaming smile, she shared that her one-woman show, Black Girl, You’ve Been Gentrified is being staged at Cherry Lane Theatre’s Cherry Pit.  “Come out, for ten bucks you get the show and a beer…it’s fun.”  From the promo:

Race, culture, class …Jamaican born and Brooklyn raised, Nichole Thompson-Adams has just a few things on her mind.  The neighborhood around her is changing.  Is Nichole changing too? Revel in the zany and poignant experiences that told her quite clearly, she’s been gentrified.

Glad to see that the jovial John Y. Church III (with whom I’ve done commercial work) is directing Nichole in her self-penned piece, I plan to check out one of the two Monday performances on October 26 or November 23 at 8pm.


The Cherry Pit

155 Bank Street

(West Beth Complex)

989 2020


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  1. hey sharon, thanks for blogging about the show. Did you get to see it? i hope so. holla at me some time. kisses and blessings.


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