Out of South Africa


An Ndebele woman.

The past few months have been a whirlwind for creative wunderkind Montgomery Harris.  She was invited to present workshops in August to South African crafters and designers in conjunction with fashion week in Cape Town.  Spending time there as well as in Johannesburg, she volunteered her services but received beautiful inspiration in return.  On Saturday past, she participated in a fashion show of stellar designers such as the always wonderful Byron Lars and Kai Milla (Mrs. Steve Wonder) benefiting the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. Her presentation featured many of her archival pieces reimagined through the eyes of one exposed to the beauty of South Africa.


Richly textural, the show featured a melange of global textiles. Fashion show photos by Elan Artist.


Hand-dyed “toadskin” fabric and fluid butterfly tops — both Montgomery signatures — worked to dramatic effect on the runway.

It is in this celebratory spirit that the South African Consulate General is sponsoring Out of South Africa, a shopping night of fashion and culture at Montgomery’s Harlem boutique.  An incubator for emerging local designers and a showcase for Montgomery’s own creations, the shop will host guests with wine and hors d’œuvre, from 7pm-9:30pm on Wednesday, October 28 and present South African-inspired Fall collections as well as one-of-a-kind artisanal pieces direct from the “sub-continent.”


The designer at the Mandela House in Soweto.


2312 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd

(136th Street and 7th Avenue)

Harlem, NY


3 Responses

  1. I just love Jo’burg.

  2. This is really great to see how you’ve intrepreted your SA experience, Montgomery. You were just as inspirational to me at the workshop you conducted in Cape Town.

  3. I loved viewing your fashions! I was sorry to see that your Harlem location has moved.

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