Of Facets and Fractals

Perhaps it is my vocation which forces me to see trends and market patterns, or just call me a theme addict because I enjoy spotting those disparate things which share a conceptual core.

Multi-media artist and designer Kelly Lamb found inspiration in architect Buckminster Fuller’s famed Geodesic Dome for her Geo-Birdhouse and Geo-Disco ball.


At Brazil’s Instituto Cultural Inhotim, a contemporary art park, Olafur Eliasson’s “By Means of a Sudden Intuitive Realization” (top)  and the glimpse outdoors from his “Viewing Machine.” (below)


Star tessellations in paper from self-proclaimed geek, Eric Gjerde and in aluminum from Drummond Masterton.


From ‘Crystallographica,’ Russian-born fashion student, Irina Shaposhnikova’s collection in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp Fashion Department Show 2009.


The “Lo-Res” is a product of an new semi-automatic design method by United Nude. An object (here, a shoe) is digitally scanned into a 3-D computer model and re-generated into various resolutions. The resolution is blown up, creating a pixelated surface which is then cast in rubber for the resulting faceted shoe.  The leather strap, is detachable.  Available at Epaulet.  Quilt 2009 from Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Established & Sons is the brothers expressed desire to create comfortable seating that bucks tradition and formality.  The quilted honeycomb pattern suggests “a superhero, you can see the muscles exposed through the stretch fabric,” says Erwan.


Unlike the previous items, this mirrored gown merely suggests the polyhedral form, but I was thrilled to see this spread included in the Fall ’09 collection highlights of Bergdorf Goodman’s always beautifully photographed magazine.  It is the work of CD Greene, a talented evening wear designer I’d lost track of. Photo by Serge Leblon.


6 Responses

  1. That’s why you’re so good at what you do. It’s an art to be able to see trends and connect the dots. You go girl!!!

  2. SHARON,
    You are the Bill Cunningham/Faith Popcorn of today and the future. Trend spotter extraordinaire.
    Cheryl Riley

  3. Sublime…

  4. this is good stuff.

    as ever
    Montgomery Xx

  5. Very clever! As ever…

  6. hi there-fellow trend spotter. have you seen the mirrored glass display at bergdorf goodman-your thoughts reminded me of it. check it out if you haven’t the mirrored glass dress is there.

    theme=Alice in Wonderland
    the best christmas windows I have viewed in NYC in forever.

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