Happy Winter Solstice!

Mother Earth, quite the coquette, gets her annual tease on today, at this very moment, with an axial tilt away from the Sun–her furthest–plunging us into our shortest day of the year.  She can’t stay away for long though, she’ll soon be sidling up to him again, lengthening our days, eventually giving birth to Spring.  While they do the dance, bundle up and enjoy the wintry show.

Snowy white lovelies in all their aloof beauty. Charlotta of NYCPet.com lords over her Park Slope block.  For Allegra, Adam Fuss’ appropriately stately daguerreotype hangs in the lobby of the Brooklyn Academy of MusicLike his other photographic works, this piece must be experienced up close, as its luminous, magical quality gets lost in electronic translation.


2 Responses

  1. You’re so poetic.
    Love you.
    Happy Hoildays!!

  2. beautiful – – thank you!!! and happy holidays, peace and creativity and kindness to all in 2010.

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