Praisesong for Mama

This beautiful quote from a long deceased Norwegian writer was posted on facebook last week by my dear friend (and exemplary mother of five!) Kim Durdin.  Though I am taken by its loveliness in general, it resonates quite poignantly today as we celebrate mothers, the first to remember our songs, bear us aloft and remind us of who we truly are.

In honor of my own sweet Mama, whose gradual drift from the tethers of memory is losing track of her magnificent song, I lift my voice in reminiscence, gratitude and boundless love.

Painter.  Poet.  Mother.


21 Responses

  1. beautiful…

  2. Lovely…

  3. Wonderfully sweet…

  4. I love you Sharon! Always and forever! You are my inspiration! Blessings to your Momma this and everyday!

  5. I wish your Mom a Happy Mother’s Day.

  6. Sharon, I thought this was a pic of you. Great moms are really blessed when they have great daughters like you.

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Sharon, I wish your Mama a VERY HAPPY Mother’s Day today and I also wish Mama Kim a BEAUTIFUL one and thank her for sharing this beautiful praise song with us.

  8. Thank you all for your comments! We’re jumping in the car now for a Mother’s Day drive to West Virginia, so our Mama can visit her birthplace.

  9. Thank you so much,
    Happy Mother’s Day Sharon and to all the Sisters
    of the universe.

    As Ever
    Montgomery Xx

    I must say Sharon, that every time you decide to write…
    anything, YOU have produced a “praise song” ! ! !
    I, too appreciate you sharing Arne Garborg’s quote; quite poignant. Safe trip to WV.

  11. Thanks and God bless you Sharon–selfless as always. Your mama’s memories are anchored to us all through you, her beautiful song. Happy Mother’s Day.

    Love to you and your family,

    Tina (Eve’s lyric)xxx

  12. Everyone sing and let your voices soar.

  13. SO beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day and every day, to such inspirational women (like you!) in this world!

  14. How lovely to realize that I see your mother’s face in yours–the strength and the grace. Hoping she had a beautiful Mother’s Day and sending you a hug…


  15. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  16. You know I love this dedication and photo, and you know well all the reasons why. Beautiful.

  17. Oh Sharon…

    My eyes are & heart are full, for personal reasons.

    As you care for your mom, know this: you will always carry a depth of deposit inside you of from her…that will, incredibly, blossom even more powerfully in years to come.

    The power of a mother’s love is that it never stops giving, guiding, and helping us evolve…and we are blessed when we can return it to them when they need us to.

    You are blessed. So glad we’ve connected.

  18. Love this piece and love you and your lovely mom!

    • Well thank you again, beloved Kimmie. And to all who have responded.

  19. thank you.
    I am about to go to see my dad, Alex’s grandfather, who is almost 101, and failing. He has passed his song to me in many ways.
    This is a hard time. I needed you to remind me, so I go to him with joy and thanks for our shared loves. They will live beyond both of us.

    • Thank you for sharing that. How beautiful. Much love and light to you all. Peace and gratitude in your hearts.

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