“In the Present” opens at artDC

Artists Jenny Walton and my wonderful friend Alexandra Zealand are exhibiting In The Present at the artDC Gallery December 11, 2010 – January 9, 2011. The works of each artist integrate beautifully as “both grapple with thoughts of human life and its evolving relationships to the world. Though quite different in their materials, each artist’s work relates to the natural world in its present state, through abstracted anatomy caught in the act of degeneration or through repetitive looping reminiscent of cellular structures.”

Those “cellular” structures, tossed-away celluoid are given new life in Alex’s installation, “utilizing 16mm film strips, which have been discarded from schools and libraries. Film of this size has become a practically obsolete medium, and the stories contained within them are inherently ephemeral. These pieces become a signifier of the passage of time – both in the artist’s life, and in their own usefulness – and explore humanity’s relationship with the objects we discard, and what our need to discard them says about both our personal and cultural relationship with mortality.”

An installation walk-through.

The opening reception is Saturday, December 11 at the artDC Gallery at The Lustine Center. 5710 Baltimore Avenue,  Hyattsville, Maryland from 7 – 9pm.


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  1. Thanks for the update. The walk through was great.

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