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Ron Carter: Finding the Right Notes
January 30, 2009

Ron Carter, consummate musician and gentleman shares his remarkable journey into the pantheon of jazz greats in the just released Ron Carter: Finding the Right Notes, penned by veteran jazz journalist Dan Ouellette. Much like the bassist’s own propensity for moving the genre forward, this project takes the very tradition of biography forward with its multi-platform approach to storytelling. Though the book can be purchased online, the experience doesn’t end with the written word. Publisher ArtistShare incorporates new media elements such as podcasts, streaming video and audio clips, as well as exclusive photo galleries on the project websites.

I’ll definitely have a read before I enjoy Mr. Carter’s virtuosity in an evening at Smoke where he performs with pianist Mike Le Donne and drummer Joe Farnsworth next month in a three-night engagement.


Cover photo by Carol Friedman.

Available online for $24.95 at:

Flemish or Farsi for Foodies
January 29, 2009

From my darling sister and her unfortunate allergy to seafood–l’horreur!— to some dear ones whose otherwise healthy constitutions cannot bear the humble peanut, food sensitivity makes for tricky travel. Thrill seeking could be part of one’s itinerary, but treating anaphylactic shock, not so much.

Need to communicate your allergies in Khmer, Catalan or Croatian? Fear not, thanks to the ingenuity of Select Wisely, declarations of several food allergies have been translated into over 40 languages and printed on easy-carry laminated cards (some with photos provided for good measure.) Translation cards for other health concerns, such as Diabetes and Asthma are also available and the website offers useful travelers tips.

As essential as your Passport, stow them in your carry-on.


Talkin’ Shop: Trudy Miller Layers
January 27, 2009

Self-described Solutionista, Trudy Miller refuses to be pigeon-holed into choosing a single medium to express her theories on creative problem solving. Though she’s lectured widely in the disciplines of Architecture and Interiors (at the Parsons Schools of Constructed Environments and Design Strategies as well as the California College of the Arts, Department of Architecture) she’s expanded her reach into fashion with multi-purpose pieces which streamline the very act of dressing. By “designing flexible apparel, furniture, and interiors that solve the ultimate puzzle: how to do more with less,” she embraces a utilitarian, conservationist chic.

Her Brooklyn shop, Trudy Miller Layers, brings her design theories into practicable view with her easy-care, easy-to-wear clothing “systems” and mobile, multi- functional furniture. By paring down what we consume, she believes, we create more time to enjoy our lives and the earth we protect by reducing waste.

This Wednesday, from 7-9pm, the shop presents Form Follows Idea: Anticipating Change:

With rising environmental concerns and steadily decreasing natural resources, it is becoming more apparent that technology alone will not be able to solve our most pressing problems, and that there are some fundamental adjustments that will have to be made to our social and cultural practices. Many designers are electing to use the current challenges we are facing as a means of moving us forward, by designing hybrid products with a mindful eye on the future. The January exhibit will feature the work of two such designers: Andre Dettler and Trudy Miller.



Photos courtesy of Trudy Miller.

Trudy Miller Layers

394 Atlantic Avenue at Bond

Brooklyn, New York


Announcing Full Circle Six
January 26, 2009

New year, new president, new endeavors! I am delighted to announce my partnership with a group of wonderful women as we inaugurate Full Circle Six, a collective of lifestyle professionals–an interior designer, a personal chef, a concierge, a fashion stylist, an organizer and a wellness expert–at the ready to help address your lifestyle needs. Visit our website, to learn more about who we are and how we work.


From left, Annie Tse, interior designer; Vanessa Bush, chef; Dina Farrugia, concierge; Sharon Pendana, fashion stylist; Jen Doman, organizer and Lindsay Messina, wellness expert. Photo by Erin Patrice O’Brien.

Spreading the Warmth
January 22, 2009

This has been a whirlwind week: historic, heady and crazy beautiful. The spirited energy continues in NYC tonight with the endeavors of some of my favorite people. From 7-9pm at the Institute for Collaborative Education (ICE), 15-year-old bassist, Jahi Nielsen will along with the ICE band, perform with the legendary Deborah “Blondie” Harry in a fundraiser for the school’s band program.

In an evening of “sacred and secular enlightenment,” at Joe’s Pub, Toshi Reagon performs at 9pm the first in a series (Jan 22-25) of her annual birthday concerts with BIGLovely, featuring Gina Breedlove, Robert “Chicken” Burke, Fred Cash, Catherine Russell, Judith Casselberry, Marcelle Davies Lashley, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Adam Widoff and…you.

Visionary multi-hyphenate artist Malik Yusef Cumbo invites us to “plant artistic seeds in the Avant Yard,” a blossoming garden of the arts underground “with a dynamic mix of painting, photography and photo-illustration, installation art, film and music aimed at shattering socio-political boundaries.” Avant Yard is held every other Thursday at Rehab, 25 Avenue B between 2nd and 3rd Streets and is free before 9pm, a mere $5 thereafter. Tonight’s event, featuring images (painted as well as photographed) of American pop culture icons, gives both the early bird and night owl a chance to take it all in from 7pm to 3am.

The genre-bending Contramano, fronted by Pablo Cubarle, takes the stage at 10pm as the headlining band for tonight’s multi-band music fest at Highline Ballroom. Performances begin at 7pm and include among others, Medicine Stick, led by Muzz Skillings, original bassist for Living Colour and coincidentally, Jahi’s bass teacher (Alas, the master and protege on competing schedules.)

Check with each venue for ticket availability.


Photo credits: Jahi, Frederick V. Nielsen; Toshi, JOMOTO; Malik, MY Werkz; Contramano, Erin Patrice O’Brien.

Presidential Tees
January 19, 2009

On this day when we commemorate the life and legacy of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I am pleased to announce the launch of a line of t-shirts celebrating his successor to the Dream, Barack Obama, on the eve of his inauguration to the 44th Presidency of the United States of America. In collaboration with the design studio, Chemistry, we present Presidential Tees, two type-driven styles in subtle homage to our new commander-in-chief.

Check them out at

Forty Four

Rick Ramsey rocks the Forty four. Photo by Frederick V. Nielsen